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Vision and Values

Equipping each individual with skills, knowledge and understanding to lead fulfilled lives.

The Inspire Academy Movement provides opportunities for all, whether in a school of faith or of none. We offer an environment of inclusiveness, respect and compassion where everyone is supported in developing and nurturing skills that enable individuals to grow.

Innovation and collaboration empower us to offer the very best experiences that allow us to thrive and fulfil our aspirations.

Inspire is dedicated to growth, not only that of those within, but welcoming new schools to our community.

The Inspire Academy Movement will deliver its vision by:

  • Developing a Trust where all its members understand the vision and values and have a clear understanding of how it will be achieved.
  • Provide an environment based upon values whereby each and every individual aspires to be the best they can be.
  • Encouraging research to enhance the learning of all.
  • Creating strong leaders that not only impact on academic performance but on each individual.
  • Creating a strong model of school improvement that is sustainable and continues to enhance the development of our academies.