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School Improvement

As a united team, we recognise that enhancing our schools is akin to safeguarding, as we collectively bear the responsibility for enhancing the life prospects of the students in our academies. Beyond this shared responsibility, various stakeholders including parents, caregivers, Governors, the Diocese, and Directors, play crucial roles in fostering a comprehensive approach to school improvement. This can be achieved through either a child-led approach or a strategic one, depending on their specific roles.

Our commitment to monitoring and evaluation serves as the cornerstone for a robust and targeted school improvement plan in each of our schools. This plan, in turn, guides the continuous professional development (CPD) of our staff. Furthermore, it functions as a tool of accountability for Local Governors and Directors, empowering them to hold senior leaders accountable against the pre-agreed measures outlined in the plan.

Leaders at every level actively provide both support and constructive challenges to their teams, drawing upon best practices and research to shape the quality of provision in every learning opportunity. The central objective of our school improvement efforts are to ensure that our schools boast the best-trained and knowledgeable staff, delivering the highest quality of provision, thereby allowing our pupils to truly flourish.