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A Trust that Inspires

The Inspire Academy Movement are a forward thinking group of schools that joined together to create exciting and engaging learning opportunities for staff and pupils.

Our current collaboration was started in 2018, when Seal CE Primary and Four Elms Primary came together in order to enhance leadership capacity and whole school impact. Very quickly the governors of both schools saw the value in the opportunities collaborative working provided, including improving the quality of provision, pupil progress and the development of a highly motivated workforce with shared values. As a result, the Inspire Federation was formed.

On 1st September 2023, we became the Inspire Academy Movement; this will now allow other schools with similar values to join us.

Inspire Academy Movement is a mixed faith Multi Academy Trust, welcoming all schools, including VA, VC and non faith. Inclusiveness is key to our success and our values, vision and ethos allow all within Inspire to thrive.

Community is a core value that drives our team. We strive to create one of which every member feels they belong, no matter who they are, whether they are staff, pupil or parent. Schools within Inspire are active members of their own communities; it is important to remember that schools are often the hub of a community and can be the thing that brings them together.

Parents are encouraged to become part of each school community. By engaging parents and carers in school life, they in turn invest in their child’s education, creating the best outcomes for all.

Staff development and support is integral to our success. Our project teams are involved in research and development, and as such, have gained local and national recognition for their innovative practice and outcomes. Our curriculum model is implemented and endorses our aim to equip each individual with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to lead fulfilled lives in an ever changing world.

The Inspire team have created a community of learners that want to make a difference to themselves and those around them.

Our highly successful collaboration recognises that all schools have their own distinctiveness and ethos and are recognised, cherished and nurtured as part of the Inspire Academy Movement.